How to Be a Better Friend to Those with Mental Illness

This video is part 2 in my series for Mental Health Awareness Month. I’m sharing two different experiences I’ve had with very close friends who are living with mental illness including what I’ve learned and what I would have done better in my interactions. I hope this helps somebody! Let’s continue to lift the stigma off of speaking about mental illness and work together to become better support systems for our loved ones.

What It's Like Having Family Members With Mental Illness

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month this May, I decided to share my experiences with loved ones living with metal illnesses. Three of my five siblings as well as several other family and friends have a diagnosed mental illness. In fact, one in five Americans do, yet I it’s not something we are informed on collectively and speak openly about. I want to shed a little light on this topic and how we can better support the needs of this community, have better interactions and also practice self-care in these challenging situations. Check out this video about my experiences with my family as well as my advice for those in similar situations.


Finish Strong! | Tools for Completing Your 2018 Goals & Setting Next Year's

It's the 3rd quarter of the year and it's time to FINISH STRONG! These month's before the new year are a great time to assess where you stand with your goals and also get a head start on planning for the coming year. Below are a couple of tools to keep you focused which will also help you break down each objective into actionable steps. These resources are all so simple and easy to use. Take some time to review them and decide which best suit you. No matter which you chose, you will be steps closer to actualizing the life you desire and achieving the goals that matter to you.

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Highlights from My Speaking Engagement at the Queens Hip Hop Festival

Many of you may not know this but I have such a passion for music and entertainment! I have been working in the industry for quite a few years including a two year stint as the Marketing Manager of the iconic VIBE brand, a pillar in hip hop music and culture. I was thrilled when I was invited to be a part of the 2018 Queens Hip Hop Festival in my hometown of NYC. The panel was titled “Money Moves: How Women in Hip Hop Have Reclaimed Representation” but we talked about way more than that! Here are some of my favorite moments, inspiration and advice.

5 Places to Snag the Perfect Loafers & Mules for Fall

Hey, y'all! After trying out the mule trend this summer with this cute and thrifty pair, I decided I am ready to commit to a nice pair for fall. I'm still figuring out whether to do another set of  mules or switch to traditional loafers. What I do know is that I want a sturdy leather pair, structured with support.  I've found quite a few that are great quality and fairly priced. Check out this list of 5 places to shop for loafers this fall!

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