Finish Strong! | Tools for Completing Your 2018 Goals & Setting Next Year's

It's the 3rd quarter of the year and it's time to FINISH STRONG! These month's before the new year are a great time to assess where you stand with your goals and also get a head start on planning for the coming year. Below are a couple of tools to keep you focused which will also help you break down each objective into actionable steps. These resources are all so simple and easy to use. Take some time to review them and decide which best suit you. No matter which you chose, you will be steps closer to actualizing the life you desire and achieving the goals that matter to you.


1) 4th Quarter Success Challenge, a Free PDF Download

This series of worksheets created by Music Business Besties blog helps users to define their four main goals for the reminder of the quarter. For each goal, it asks poignant questions that encourage a deeper dive into what is needed in order to successfully execute those goals. Users are asked to assign a realistic deadline to each one, to think about any potential roadblocks, and to premeditate some ways to circumvent them. The worksheets are simple and concise, a great resource for someone who doesn't need any extra fluff but just wants to get to the point of identifying their goals and assessing how to achieve them. You can access the 4th Quarter Success Challenge by submitting you email address via this post, "How to Set and Achieve Your Goals This Quarter." 

2) Passion Planner, a Year-Long Planner or Free Printable PDF Download

Passion Planner is an in-depth planning guide to defining, breaking down and achieving your goals via a holistic approach. The Passion Roadmap section is an assessment on the macro-level, an overarching review of what you want out of your life over the next couple of years. The following pages offer very detailed planning worksheets that allow you to get specific about about your major goals. Lastly, the planner breaks down into weekly schedule pages where you can assign your goals for the week. It really allows you to get into the driver's planning while also leaving room for creative note-taking, doodling and ideation. It is available as a printed planner in several sizes and formats including dated, undated and academic versions here on or purchase on  They also offer complimentary downloads of the printable version by inputting your email address on at this page.  

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3) Daily Success Routine, Online Resources and Webinars

Daily Success Routine is a website with tons of resources, online events and paper planning products. The workshops will occur like webinars - guests log into a URL at a certain time to watch and participate in workshops on different topics related to goal-setting and achieving. They will also have access to a private Facebook group where guests will be able to share experiences and tips with co-participants. As you watch live, be sure to apply your new knowledge to your goals in real-time. Topics vary depending on the week so it’s definitely something you can utilize consistently or to develop in certain areas.

These are just a few resources that you can utilize right now, but remember there is no time-limit to setting goals. If you are reading this post at a later time, these tools can still be utilized at any point.  The most important thing is that you get clear about defining your goals and then take steps toward achievement. That will look different for each person, but hopefully these resources give you a good starting point or encourage you to seek out additional materials that you find helpful.  Drop a line about some of your favorite goal-setting and achieving techniques in the comments below.