Major Key for Affordable Trendy Shoes!

So I think I actually just discovered a major key to finding affordable versions of the latest shoe trends. They even have all of the styles made popular by our favorite Instagram fashionistas and celebs. The Kim K clear sandals? Yup. What about over-the-knee-boots? Those too. Sock booties galore? Yassss!

They’re called Beston Shoes, headquartered out of City of Industry, California. They’re shoes are available online through most major retailers like Walmart, Amazon,, and  I usually search on Walmart because they pop up first when you google “Beston shoes” and they have a wide selection with multiple pages of styles. You may have to look around on multiple sites to find the exact size and color combo you need but it’s so worth it with prices around $20 to $35 per pair. I actually discovered the brand after searching for days for a pair of low heel sock booties available size 11. Mine are super cute and look just as high-end as the competitors that cost three times the price.

The one thing to note is that my pair ran a whole size small. It took me two attempts at stretching them in the freezer (more on that in a future post) plus breaking them in just to be able to stand in them. The good news is some of the listings actually do actually say whether or not teh item runs small. Also, be sure to look at reviews where available and use your best judgment based on the shape of the shoe (pointy, super high etc.).  Anyhow, I hope you find some styles you love and that your pockets can also appreciate. Mine are below as well as a few others all from Walmart. Let me know how you style them and tag me to your OOTD posts!

xoxo Sabine