Cute New LA Spot | Rose & Blanc Tea Room

Tucked away on the second story of a K-town plaza is a little jewel by the name of Rose & Blanc Tea Room. This tea shop possesses a certain feminine charm that stands out from the rest of Los Angeles' cafes. I visited with a friend on a Monday evening just after work hours, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the beautiful pink walls and ornate moldings. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling and everything about the space was luxe.  It felt like being whisked away to a chic French Cafe on a locals-only street in Paris. Every detail had been considered from lace tablecloths to fresh-cut roses and bunches of baby's breath adorning each table. I felt warm and welcome once I stepped into the small but grand space. We were greeted by the friendly owner and the waiter on duty. Service was wonderful from that very first moment to the last.

First, at the a look at the vibe...

Now, let's get down to the teas! They had a selection of over 28 teas, each one more unique than the last, with names like Silver Moon and Marie Antoinette. There was a sampling station for guests to open small jars to smell the aromas of each tea. This was helpful considering most of the names more so capture a feeling than an actual taste. It made the tea selection process a whole experience. We decided to order a pot of "Paris for Her" which was a smooth flavor with tastes of Rose, Raspberry and Lychee.  I also ordered a cup of lavender whole leaf tea which came with a blooming lavender flower. A cool trick was that they brewed it with alkalized water, which turned the tea into a pretty blue shade for a few minutes. I loved that part! We also tried two macaroons and a scone, all of which were tasty. The scone was served with an apple jam that is a must try. 

Overall, this experience was absolutely lovely. Not only was the tea perfectly brewed, aromatic and flavorful, but the whole atmosphere and experience was just a lovely way to tap into your feminine energy and enjoy a nice afternoon or evening out.  Check it out at the address below:
Rose & Blanc Tea Room
301 S Western Ave #202
Los Angeles, CA 90020