Sultry alternative R&B songstress Sabine has always been a dream-chaser completely enamored with music.  How often do you come across an Ivy League grad that started out studying finance, went rogue, and is chasing after musical dreams she’s had since age 8? Her new-age alternative R&B sound is a cross-fusion inspired by pop, hip hop, and electronic sounds, all while capturing the best parts of R&B fundamentals. Her smooth voice is unlike that of any of her contemporaries, shaking up the modern scene with comparisons to Sade and Erykah Badu.

Her love affair with music began in her early days as an NY city kid.   "I remember being eight years old sitting in the back seat listening to Mariah Carey on the radio and thinking, 'I'm gonna be like her one day."  Yet, it was a long time before her vision began to take flight in 2014 with production of Born to Fly kicking into full gear.

The Born to Fly EP is the songwriter’s first release and features 5 original tracks that tell a story about finding yourself, loving yourself, and loving others – a message in tandem with her mission positive vibes for the dreamer in each of us.  The songstress embraces life and love as seen in the dreamy, out-of-space romance anthem "Parallel Universe” and the mood-lifting track “Nights Like This” which “reminds people to celebrate life, no matter what your circumstance, background or location.  She demonstrates her passion to invigorate the young generation and women as well as to uplift her community and invoke change in the world at large.  This message stands out on the inspirational title track “Born to Fly” empowers listeners to take ownership of what life has to offer and pursue whatever the heart desires. She professes, "I believe I was born for this - music, affecting the world through it, inspiring people to live their best lives and chase their dreams. That's what ‘born to fly’ means to me.” The project title Born to Fly captures not only a personal journey of finding herself and pursing her purpose and passion, but also her wish for everyone who encounters her music.

She embarks on 2016 excited and hopeful saying, “This project is just opening the door. I have so much I want to do creatively.”  Plans include performances across the U.S. and expanding media presence in international markets, all while beginning development of her next major music project.  “I've been waiting my whole life to chase this dream and follow the tune that's in my heart. This is my moment and I'm never looking back."

and inspiring others to do the same.